Riparian Area Assessment (QEP-Level)
Measuring bank-full widths, assessing riparian vegetal class, and slope stability to determine the width of Stream Protection and Enhancement Areas according to the Riparian Area Regulation (RAR).

Electrofishing Certification (Supervisor)
Experienced in EF operation, fish handling best practices, fish sampling/salvaging, isolation techniques, and aspects of crew management.

Wildlife Danger Tree Assessment (DTA)
Identifying and managing danger trees according to WorkSafe B.C. criteria using DTA Field Data forms and communicating findings via GPS. I require five days under supervision before full cert.

> Erosion & Sediment Control Fundamentals
> Occupational First Aid (1) & T.E.
> H2S Alive Training
> Standard First Aid (CPR-HCP)
> Basic Chainsaw & Brushsaw Operator
> Avalanche Safety Training 1 (AST1)
> Snowmobile & ATV Operator Certs
> Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)
> 1988 WHMIS & 2015 WHMIS/GHS
> Fire Suppression & Safety (S100)
> Additional Fire Cert.: S185, S235, S232



Stream & Wildlife
Fish habitat and riparian assessments (based on RAR, the Fish-Stream Identification Guidebook, and QAES), bird surveys, radio telemetry and live-trapping, fish and amphibian salvaging, den monitoring, and wetland classification.

Mapping & Planning
Experience collecting and visualizing GPS data and working with orthographic imagery. Skilled at utilizing iMap, BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer, HabWiz, and the Fish and Wildlife Internet Mapping Tool (AB).

Technological Know-How
Includes the repair and installation of sensors and gauges, the organization and visualization of collected data, and the use of Google Earth. Currently learning how to use G.I.S. software.

Soil Sampling and Analyses
 Sampling contaminated sites for lab analyses; determining bulk density, textural composition, water content, and aggregate stability; and measuring soil organic carbon, C.E.C., base saturation, and pH.



Report Writing
These include Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources Overview Assessments (ATROA), Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Consutrction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP), and Post-Construction Reports.

Inspections & Auditing
Preparing and conducting ECO Plan audits in AB based on provincial and federal legislation, permit conditions, and relevant management plans (e.g. Wetland Compensation Plan, Caribou Protection Plan, etc.).


> Fluvial Ecohydrology (FRST588)
> Ecological Conservation (CONS504C)
> Sustainable Soil Mgmt (SOIL502)
> Professional Comm. Strategies (SOIL550)
> Integrated Watershed Mgmt (SOIL515)
> Soil Sampling, Analysis, Data (SOIL503)
> Forest Wildlife Ecology & Mgmt (FRST395)
> Small Business Management [...] (FRE302)
> Land & Water Seminar (SOIL510)